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Pompom Wreaths

You may have seen on our Facebook page and In our shop that we have started to make and sell Pompom wreaths.

I started to make Pompoms whilst I was going through a period of anxiety and depression. I was struggling to find the motivation to do any of our crafts and furniture painting and found that with making the pompoms I could stay on the sofa watching TV with Fraser cuddled up next to me.

This became very therapeutic for me and aided my recovery and now I am back to my old self, crafting like it's going out of fashion.

The pompom wreaths have become a permanent sale item in our shop and I enjoy challenging myself on making different styles and I am improving with the more that I make.

I will be posting each new one I complete in our shop but I am also offering to make them to your specifications. I am more than happy to do any colour -way that you want and add embellishments of your choice.

Please do drop us a message if you want us to make you a personalised pompom wreath.


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