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Mind Your own Beeswax furniture polish is our brand new product hand made by The Crafty Colletts

Mind Your Own Beeswax for a Sassy Bee's Signature Shine

Welcome to Mind Your Own Beeswax, and the gloriously sassy, Sassy Bee, your furniture's new BFF

Sassy isn't your average bee, she is the guardian of gloss, the diva of dazzle, and she's here to transform your furniture into a showstopper, because your furniture deserves to shine every minute of every day.

But let’s be clear, Sassy Bee’s furniture polish isn't just about the shine; using all natural ingredients, it nourishes and protects and is a wonderful example of how incredibly generous Mother Nature really is.

Locally Sourced, Naturally Glorious

Crafted with love and a touch of attitude, Mind Your Own Beeswax is more than just furniture polish; it's an experience. Sourced from local beehives, our raw unfiltered beeswax is a pure delight, handpicked for its natural goodness.

The Buzz-Worthy Ingredients:

• Raw Unfiltered Beeswax: Sourced straight from our local school's buzzing beehives (well, not all of it, we do have limits!), our beeswax is as raw and natural as it gets. No filtering shortcuts here; we clean it ourselves for that authentic touch.

• Rapeseed Oil: Packed with natural goodness, rapeseed oil complements the beeswax, bringing out the natural beauty of your furniture without any nasty chemicals.

• Hemp Oil: Because your furniture deserves the luxury treatment. Hemp oil nourishes and protects, giving your beloved pieces a new lease on life.

• Vitamin E: The unsung hero in our mix. Vitamin E adds its antioxidant magic, keeping your furniture looking young and fresh.

• Lavender Essential Oil: Sassy Bee's choice for that final touch. Lavender essential oil not only lends a delightful fragrance but also brings a sense of calm to your furniture, as if each polish is a spa day for your cherished pieces.

Why Choose “Mind Your Own Beeswax”?

• Sassy Bee Approved: Our sassy mascot ensures every bottle is filled with personality, making furniture polishing a joyous experience.

• Locally Crafted, Globally Loved: While our beehives might not be on your doorstep, our commitment to local sourcing keeps the love close to home.

• Environmentally Friendly: No harsh chemicals, just the goodness of nature. It's a polish with a conscience.

• Limited Edition Buzz: While our local school's beehives provide the initial buzz (pun intended!), the limited supply means we've got to spread our wings elsewhere for more beeswax. But don't worry, it's still locally sourced, still eco-friendly, and still Sassy Bee-approved

This isn't just a furniture polish; it's a declaration. Mind Your Own Beeswax is about embracing your furniture's quirks, scratches, and imperfections. Sassy Bee knows that behind every piece, there's a story - and she's here to add a new chapter.

How to Use:

• Channel your inner Sassy Bee.

• Apply Mind Your Own Beeswax with flair.

• Buff to brilliance.

• Admire the sass-infused shine.

Mind Your Own Beeswax is an invitation to let your furniture sparkle with personality. Go ahead, embrace the sass, and if anyone asks you how you achieve such amazing results, you can tell them…….”mind your own beeswax”

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